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YUASA TRADING leading car exporter of preowned cars directly from Japan, To Tanzania (Yuasa Auto Impex), Kenya (Yuasa Motors), Uganda (Yuasa Investments)
New Bagamoyo Rd, Opp Gapco Victoria Fuel Stand,
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 3091
Dar es Salaam
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Our Vision & Philosophy

To improve the quality of life for everyone by providing used high quality vehicles.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. To respect the culture and customs of Kenya communities and also contribute to their socio-economic wellbeing through our corporate social responsibility activities.
  2. Dedicate to provide safe and reliable products to enhance the quality of Kenyan lives.
  3. To provide outstanding products that satisfies our customer’s diverse needs.
  4. To foster a corporate culture that enhances mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders and industry players.


To buy and sell a wide range of high quality used motor vehicles that are environmentally friendly and become Kenya’s family choice company for used cars.

Core values

Cost consciousness

We focus on meeting the needs of customers by providing low-cost vehicles that will improve their standard of living


We take pride in delivering high quality value added products


We are trustworthy, diligent and honest. We accept responsibility for our actions and follow our promises and commitment conclusively.

Customer focus

We have a dedicated field workforce that ensures customers satisfaction.


We are committed to comply with all laws, rules and regulations concerning the business. We are also committed to promote best business practices

Choudhury Homayoun

Kenya holds a special place in my heart. My company Yuasa Motors Kenya Limited is an example of my firm believe that we as foreign investors have found an ideal enabling environment in Kenya. Our investment in Kenya can perceive as symbol of our confidence in the future of Kenya. Reliance in the rule of law and a system of laws which itself encourages enterprises and initiative because of the wisdom of government policies and the stability of institutions. We are committed to contribute through our best possible resources and efforts for the development of prosperous Kenya by investing here as a flourishing business house and through that giving equal job opportunity to Kenyans. My strong believe is that all Kenyans irrespective of their origin, race or religion, will continue to enjoy the rights guaranteed in the constitution with equal protection under the rule of law. Everyone must work together to build a strong Kenya.

Corporate responsibility

In our efforts to become one of the best auto companies in Kenya, Yuasa is deeply committed to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner taking concerns of the community that surrounds us. We are continually improving our performance, actions and practices towards the community.

Our corporate responsibilities are supported by all our employees. They involve promotion of sustainable environment, promotion of good health and enhance safety.

We have a responsibility for the impact of our activities on consumers, employees, stakeholders and all other members of the public. We have embraced a strong culture of adherence to law, ethical values, transparency, good employees’ relations and compliance with international norms.

It is also our vision to work closely for the social welfare of the community, accomplish environment friendly campaigns, assist to improve quality of life and promote the society’s well-being as whole.

Description of the business

Yuasa was started in 2008 in Kenya and Tanzania as a private limited company by Mr. Chaudhary Homayoun Akhtar. Yuasa started its operations in Kenya and Tanzania in 2008 and has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of used cars in the country. The company deals with a wide range of Japanese vehicles of high performance.

Among the world known types of the cars sold by Yuasa include Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Mazda and Nissan. The vehicles are sourced from the biggest vehicle auctions and other dealers in Japan and reach Kenya’s customers at affordable prices.

Capital financing

Our company is fully financed by its shareholders. We employ the best accounting practices to maximize the success of our company.

Market and sales strategy

Our marketing strategy is adaptable to various factors such as season and market dynamics. However, we will have been consistent with our advertising through the local dailies and radio stations. We are also planning to open doors and start advertising in famous magazines and journals.

We have already embarked on advertising through radio. We are also sponsoring local soccer and cricket tournaments which may in future provide a forum for advertising. We are planning to dedicate 2% of our sales to develop business with an aim of creating more exposure.

Products and Services

Our Stock

Since the prices of the new cars have been on sharp increase, Kenya’s customers are increasingly relying on imports of used cars. Yuasa focuses on commercial vehicles and decent family cars that are affordable and meets our customers’ needs. We have continually increased the units of the used cars, trucks, and vans sold in Kenya and we have already carved a niche in the automobile market in Kenya.

Major suppliers

We buy vehicles we sell to our customers from japan and other auction houses in Japan based on the customers’ specifications. The auctions are our major suppliers. In Japan there are over 30 well known auto auction locations throughout Japan. Other vehicles come from trade-ins and private purchase units.

Processing and importing vehicle

After buying the vehicle on your behalf, we take it for inspection by JEVIC in Japan. At the same time, we organize shipment of vehicle to the port of Mombasa.

Clearing and Registering Vehicle

When the vehicle arrives in Mombasa, we organize its clearance, registration and arrange delivery of the vehicle to the customer.

Vehicle Tuning and Customization

Most of the vehicles imported from Japan required tuning and customization for use in Kenya. This may include marking side mirrors and window with the vehicle registration number to discourage theft, changing tires and adjusting vehicle’s ground clearance.

Critical Success Factors
  1. The market for used vehicles is growing market, though there is tough competition.
  2. Perception of the dealers; usually the top target market for used vehicles is influenced by perception. If it is positive, the results will be higher sales. Advertising is vital for creating positive perception of the product, which will result in higher product acceptance.
  3. Compliance of the standards set by Kenyan Bureau of Standards.
  4. Availability of the products.
Our strength
  • Expertise in selecting high quality used cars.
  • Low costs
  • Prompt delivery
  • Customers satisfaction


Yuasa realizes the value of having a competent workforce to the success of any business. We have therefore put in place a high qualified and competent team of professional to run our operations. The company relies on both expatriates and local employees working on very competitive salaries. We have a non-discriminatory employment policy and people of all walks of life, ethnicities, race, ages, abilities and genders work for us.

The management team is also professionally trained. The team helps others to archive their career objectives. This is the team that has steered the company to the success we have witnessed for the last two years we have operated in Kenya.

Our team is capable of changing the dreams into reality and knows the corporate values to nurture. The main responsibility of our management is to create a friendly atmosphere where our customers are always given the first priority.

Managing Director (Kenya) Navaid Abdul Baqi

I believe profoundly that effective achievements and progress of a nation is generally depending upon a pragmatic approach towards development in business, if given right environment, private enterprises can do a great deal more than simply invest, but it can introduce stimulate growth.

Needless to say, we did not arrive in Kenya at this concept in blinding flash of inspiration. It derives from experience. We as private enterprising learnt very early of the importance of a professional approach to management of a business house and need to train natives as managers. So that we all are a team in Yuasa to build this country together.

Our motto is to uplift quality of life with continuous improvement in all aspects. At your serve in Yuasa.

Managing Director (Tanzania) Hasham A.R. Wahaib

“Serving to grow and growing to serve” we work hard and constantly to improve our services to deliver the best! Our goal is to provide best in possible economic way to our customers always.

Major influences on the industry


Kenya is the biggest economy in East Africa. Its strategic location and its well-developed business infrastructure make it a natural choice for investors and many international firms have made it either regional hub. The African economic outlook report, which monitors the continents growth, says the regional comprising Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi are expected to register a six percent growth in the period 2010/2011.

In august 2009, Kenya became the biggest importer of Japanese used vehicles, overtaking Chile and Russia. Despite major recession and its effects on Auto industry, Kenya could achieve this feat providing the fact that buying Japanese used cars is way better than the new and used cars locally available. All the vehicle imports to Kenya come through Mombasa port.

Kenya and Tanzania like many other parts in Africa does not have smooth roads making customers to prefer vehicles which are sturdy and reliable than fancy looking vehicles. Used Japanese cars are in great demand all over the world for their performance and reliability.

For the same reason, Japanese used cars are very popular in Kenya and Tanzania. These days, due to high demand for used cars, there is intense competition amongst the dealers. Apart from used cars dealers, there are many private individuals who import Japanese used vehicles and sell them off at relatively lower rates as they save on the dealers fees.

Over the last few years, Japanese cars have become widely renowned as market leader. They are of exceptionally high standard and performance. It is true that over 70 percent of the vehicles on Kenya roads are from Japan. Japanese love their technologies and put a lot of efforts to make them look and perform well.

Japan is renowned for its prowess in producing state of the art technology and their car production and upgrading is no different. Japanese car can be every man’s dream.

Various surveys that have been carried out on Japanese cars such as on Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Mazda and Honda rank them very highly. Lack of bureaucracy in procuring Japanese vehicles could be the other reason for their huge demand in Kenya and East Africa region.

Industry trends

With the surge in retail prices of brand new vehicles, the focus has now shifted towards used vehicles. Once regarded as low-income earners, the used car industry has evolved to attract middle level income earners. The market trend has encouraged the growth of used car dealership nationwide. Brand new car dealers have also shifted their focus to dealing in used vehicles.

Other car dealers have opted to distribute their products by putting used cars in their showrooms to serve trade in buyers, in hope to spice-up sales and expand their windows of opportunity. Industry estimates show a higher rate of return for used cars as compared to the exclusive sale of brand new vehicles.

The vehicle import to Kenya and Tanzania has gradually increased since year 2000. The increase can be attributed to improving economic conditions. There is a high demand for low fuel consumptions vehicles models from Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Suzuki. Import for heavy commercial vehicles (buses and trucks) from Isuzu and Mitsubishi has also increased.

The gloom in the new vehicle market is attributed to a resurgent of second-hand car market and increased importation of old used cars; thus customers find second-hand cars a more pocket-friendly option. Currently, it is estimated that second-hand cars accounts for 80% of total vehicle imports and Kenya motor association control mere 20% of the market share.


Export to Kenya200820092010Remarks
Passengers Vehicles29,89532,28712,940April 2010
Commercial Vehicles10,6819,4572,689April 2010


Export to Kenya200820092010Remarks
Passengers Vehicles29,89532,28712,940April 2010
Commercial Vehicles10,6819,4572,689April 2010

Government regulations

To import used Japanese car in Kenya, some criteria should be fulfilled. According to the Kenya’s vehicle import regulations, any used vehicle being imported should be less than 8 years (for Tanzania 9 years), the vehicle should be right hand drive (RHD) and all used vehicles should pass JEVIC inspection which checks vehicle for safety and road worthiness

Business cycle

Ups and downs go with any industry, but with the sale of used vehicles, there have not been many downs. When the economy is good, sale are great. When the economy is sluggish, used cars are still in demand because of the price factor.

Market Definition

Customer Profile

Our customers can be profiled into three categories.

  1. Being a first time buyer
  2. The middle class family looking for a second car
  3. Low-income groups.

Buying Decision Determinants

After presenting to the customer quality used vehicles that have been safety checked and competitively low priced, we keep customers close to us by having a one on one relationship.

Customer Awareness of Product

Our adverting campaign ensures that we keep the customer aware of who we are and our business location. The close personal relationship with our customers helps us take them through our products step by step focusing on their needs.


Our primary market target is Kenya and neighboring countries. Kenya’s population has rapidly increased over the past several decades, and consequently it is relatively young. Some 73% of Kenyans are under 30 years. Our targeted customer base is this group.

Market growth

An estimated population increase throughout our targeted regions can only mean more people with a need for transportation. Currently Kenya population is estimated 40.047m (July 2010).

Strengths and weaknesses of the competition

Our strength in the competitive environment is the ability to offer a wide variety of the vehicles. We are able to provide our customers sufficient information for them to make informed decisions.

In addition to increasing choice and information we also try to keep the market fair and functioning through our reasonable prices. We distinguish ourselves by offering vehicles to our customers with premium quality, reasonable price and good payment mode.


Our fair prices are attributed to the financial models we have adopted which emphasizes on control of our overheads. This way we are able to offer our products fairer than other dealers. We are also able to make a huge profit margin and create capital for the future expansion. Our main goal is to sell more for less. The customer should get the value for their money.

Our future outlook

The company is actively pursuing hire purchase facility to extend within the reach of general public and to offer them favorable credit terms suited to the consumers. These schemes are managed by reputable banks and financial institutions. It is estimated that 60% of our car sales are through hire purchase facility and remaining part of the business pertaining to cash deals thus facilitating, fostering and accommodating the needs of our customers.

We provide to customer broad options for brand, suitability and affordability. We are dedicated to high quality, reliability and cost-effective options. We will continue to serve as trading partner in an effort to sustained economic, social and community development, expansion and growth of the Kenyan economy.

OVERVIEW (as of June 2010)


Company NameYuasa Motors Ltd
PresidentChaudhary Homayoun Akhtar
Managing DirectorNavaid Abdul Baqi
Head OfficeP.O. Box 99546-80107; Plot No.144
Moi-Avenue, opp. Diamond Trust Bank
Mombasa, Kenya
Phone: +254(041)231996668/70
Fax: +254(041)2319478
Branch OfficeP.O. Box99228-80107, plot No. 54, Kilindini Rd
Diagonal. Canon Towers. Mombasa, Kenya
Phone +254(2319699/2220808
Nairobi OfficeP.O.Box 54760-00-00200,
Kenol Petrol station behind Kengele’s along Sang’ata Rd,
Next to Nyato National Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254(020)2108426, +254(020)6006145/46
Fax: +25(020)6006170
Date FoundedAugust 28, 2008
CapitalShilling Kenyan 27.7 million (as of Dec 31, 2009)
Fiscal Year from Jan 1 to December 31
BankersDiamond Trust Bank.
Equity Bank Ltd.
Barclays Bank Ltd.
LawyersKarigithu Kinyua & Co.
P.O.Box 8607080100
Rex House, 1st floor, suite 2,
Moi-Avenue, Mombasa, Kenya.
Main Business ActivitiesUsed motors vehicles import and sale.


Company NameYuasa Auto Impex Ltd
PresidentChaudhary Homayoun Akhtar
Managing DirectorHasham AR Wahaib
Head OfficeP.O. Box 3091 Dar es salaam, Plot No.15,
Regent Estate New Bagamoyo Road, Opp. Gapco Victoria Fuel Station
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Phone +255(22)2773595/2773222
Fax: +255(22)2772222
Branch OfficeP.O.Box 3091 Dar es salaam,
Plot No.486/487, regent Estate
Old Bagamoyo Road, Near Shoppers Plaza,
Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.
Phone: +255(22)2773539/3549
Fax: +255(22)2773564
Date FoundedDecember 10, 2008
Capital1 billion TSH (as of Dec 31, 2008)
Fiscal Yearfrom July 1 to June 30
BankersStanbic Bank Limited
Centre branch
P.O .Box 72647 Dar- es- salaam (Tanzania)
LawyersKalinjuna Law Chambers (Advocates)
Lida Building Nkurumah St
P.O.Box 11530 DSM, Tanzania
AuditorsA.I KHATRI & Co
Jamhuri/Upanga St.
P.O.Box 2291 DSM, Tanzania
AccountantsShiraz Moez Kassam
P.O.Box 20614 DSM, Tanzania
Main Business ActivitiesUsed motors vehicles import and sale.


NYAYO Stadium Branch Office
P.O.Box 54760-00200,kenol petrol station behind kengele’s along sang’ata Rd, Next to Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254(020)2108426, +254(020)6006145/46
Mobile: 0715222-222, 0770-934-433
Fax: +254(020)6006170

Main Office
P.O.Box 99546-80107, Plot No.144, moi-Avenue, opp. Diamond trust Bank, Mombasa, Kenya.
Phone: +245(041)2319966 68/70
Mobile: 0715-111-222, 0718-333-011
Fax: +254(041)23194780

Branch office
P.O.Box 99228-80107 plots No.54, kilindini Rd, Diagonal. Canon Towers.
Mombasa, Kenya
Phone: +254(041) 2399699/2220808
Mobile: 0727-553-232, 0716-654-426
Fax: +255 41 2319478


P.O. Box 3091 Dar-es-salaam, Plot No. 15, Regent Estate New
Bagamoyo Road, Opp Gapco Victoria Fuel stands Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255(22) 2773595/2773222
Fax: +255(22)2772222

YUASA AUTO IMPEX (T) Ltd. Dar-es-salaam
Old Bagamoyo Rd Branch
P.O. Box 3091 Dar-Es-salaam, Plot No. 486/487, Regent Estate
Old Bagamoyo Rd, Near Shoppers Plaza, Dar-Es-salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255(022) 27733539/3549
Fax: +255(022) 2773564


Nakawa Naguru Junction Unafri Parking Yard P.O Box 26606 Kampala
Phone: +256-41-42-88311
Fax: +256 4142288239
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