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Used Car Buying Tips

Buying a used car is more complicated than buying a new one. There are concerns about what may be breaking or already been fixed. Another concern with buying a used car is the warranty. Over half of the used cars today are being sold "as is". Buying an "as is" car is very risky – once you hand over that money and sign your name on the dotted line, that car is your problem no matter what happens.

Not all aspects of buying a used car are bad. Used cars can be the smartest way to go sometimes. If you are living on limited means, a used car is a great idea if bought outright. If you are not going to finance the used car, you will only have to get liability insurance which is much cheaper than full coverage which is required when financing any car. Another bonus is that a used car won't have fees attached to the price like a new car would. When buying a new car, the dealership adds fees like cleaning and shipping to the price. A used car, even when bought from a lot, will not have most of these fees. If you are in the market to buy a used car and need some extra cash, try E-LOAN for a car loan. By following the following simple steps, you can cut the risk of buying a car that will fall apart and become a black hole for your money.

Buying a used car obviously carries a certain degree of risk. After all, with a new car you get peace of mind – no one has driven the vehicle carelessly or failed to have it maintained on a regular basis. If something does go wrong, the car is under warranty — at least for a period of time. These safeties are not usually included in the purchase of a used car. But used-car buying need not be as fraught with anxiety and terror as some may think. Knowing where and how to buy a used car as well as which cars to buy can alleviate most of the tension consumers feel about this process. If you are willing to spend time doing thorough research, you will soon be driving the car of your dreams, secure in the knowledge that you paid a fair price for your set of wheels.

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